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What’s up with this plant? Any suggestions? Was on a shelf in sunlit kitchen but looking bad so moved it lower. What type of plant/name is it?
It’s a #Monstera and they can’t have direct sunlight. It burns their leaves…let it dry out a little b4 watering.
That is a very scorched and thirsty Monstera Deliciosa @RousingLuronium

I advise you cut away any of the damages leaves as they are just using the plant’s energy. Repot in fresh new soil (regular potting mix and perlite will work just fine) and give it a good soak with water!
@kscape the leaf or the leaf and stem?
@RousingLuronium Both leaf and stem! Try to snip either half the stem or all the way down to the base! Whatever look you prefer! 😊

Just make sure to remove the leaves and discard them since they’re not salvageable.
@RousingLuronium another example :)
Thank you!
@kscape thank yoy
@RousingLuronium you’re welcome! If you have any other questions, let me know! Hope I was able to answer your question 😊🌱✨

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