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dying basil plant?
hi! recently purchased a basil plant from publix. it almost immediately started drooping and recently started turning brown and dying :( I was wondering if there’s any way I can revive it? I was considering cutting off the dying parts but unsure of what to do. Don’t have a photo rn but can add one later today
That's happened to me. It's either been too wet or too dry (or both or experienced that in the store), and could have root rot or stem rot. Remove any dying stems, repot, place near a bright window, or if possible, place outside. I placed mine outside in a larger pot and it's completely recovered.
Cut off the dying parts, repot it if it’s still in the original soil, water, fertilize and you should be good! That’s what I did with mine
I agree with Mum! I also always repot (or at least take the plant out of the soil and check the roots) grocery store plants. I had one recently that had that thin fabric wrapped around the roots holding it all together and I wouldn't have known if I hadn't taken it out and checked.

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