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Any snake plant experts out there? I just scored a huge old snake for $12 on a black Friday markdown. Any idea what kind this is? Broke a leaf in transit so will try propagating #SnakePlant
20ft to light, indirect
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I’ve never propagated a snake plant myself but I have seen lots of people have success with cutting an upside down ‘V’ in the bottom of the leaf and sticking it in water! 😊
The app is being cranky and I’m not able to see the snake plant. I had a huge one that I broke down in 3 different ones, I may do another one since she is still big, I just want to give her room to grow. I also took a long leaf and cut her down into about 5 different cuttings, put them in dirt so I hope they survive, there are two way of doing it. Cutting the leaves into pieces and putting them in water, but they take sometime to grow roots, if you do the soil method the moisture level has to be just right, so I am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 on this one. Good luck on yours and $12 what a steal of a deal.
Snake plants are so easy and tolerate so much! And you should have great success rooting that broken limb in water! This app won’t let me see the picture but I’m sure it’s gorgeous!
@myplantritual it is enormous in a 10 in pot and floppy and a variegated silver and cream. Not the usual deep green.
Your plant family is private. I was trying to view it but can not see it. I’m curious to know what kind it is.
It certainly looks like a Silver Snake. Also I’ve never heard of propagating Snakes (the plants)! I might look into that
Congrats on the good deal and kudos for rescuing the plant. What you’re describing sounds like Metallica or Bantel’s Sensation. Regardless of guesses, you’d probably have to wait until it flowers and bring the flowering plant to a botanist to be 100% sure of the sport. It will be fun for you to see what happens with the leaf cutting. I’m sure it will produce new growth but variegated ones almost always revert back to their non-variegated parent plant instead of producing new pups with continued mutation/variegation.
Yes it definitely looks like a silver snake plant or a Bantel Sensation
@user1545e857 here is my porpagation. I hope she is rooting, mayne people propagate them in water, I decided on the soil method which is a bit tricky.

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