Posted 1Y ago by @no_thumbs

one of its little balls fell off and where it was connected is drying out on the main plant. it doesnt seem to be getting better with time, what can i do to help it heal?

0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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@no_thumbs The main thing I would be concerned about is overwatering. As long as none of the "stem" part of the cactus feels mushy, you can probably rule that out. You might also want to move the plant onto a windowsill since cacti love sunlight.

If you do all this and still notice the other "balls" start deteriorating, I would consider doing some plant surgery and simply cutting them off of the stem. Unfortunately, the balls are grafted onto the stem and their lifespan is limited. Here's an article that goes more in depth about this:
Could you provide a current picture of what it looks like?
@miaaa thank you! it is already in a window but its an east facing one which only gets about 3 hours of sunlight daily, ill consider plant surgery and slightly less water
@no_thumbs I don't know if 3 hours is enough especially given the watering schedule. Perhaps you could move your plant so it could get more direct sun?
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