Posted 1Y ago by @tango

Just got this cutting!
Right now I have it in water mixed with rooting hormone, and it still looks healthy since I got it yesterday. Any other tips? Appears to be 1 leaf node near the base, and I have that submerged.
3” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Best Answer
Water + rooting hormone sounds great! The hardest thing will be waiting for roots to grow.
@AMG Ok thank you so much!! I don’t have the plant it came from, just the one cutting, so I hope it grows!!!! 😊
I’m sure it will! Just be sure to change out the water about once a week, before it starts getting murky.
@AMG okay. Will do!
I’ve got 3 cuttings in water like yours (cut from a gimpy vine on a lopsided Maranta β€œLemon Lime”. Just check water once a week & refill or refresh. Should root ok in water in a few weeks with a little light. Happy propping!! 😊
@Plant-Whisperer thank you! Sounds great. 😊