Posted 3w ago by @succulizard

Mr Incredible is rotten!!
im trying to salvage what I can- anything that isnt squishy but I have no idea what to do with the salvaged pieces to give them the best chance of survival?? Greg help me I love this cactus I dont want it to meet the same fate as my first mammillaria ;-;
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 22 hours ago
this guy alive?
Those salvaged pieces, including the smaller ones, can be planted back into the soil. Best to start on a fresh cactus soil mix. Once potted, place them in a bright area and water sparingly. The salvage pieces should start to grow roots within a month. This is a propagation method to either save or multiply more of your Arizona snowcaps. Give it more light, water the soil only and keep the top dry. And perhaps you might want to amend the soil to a more sandy mix. Hope this helps.Cheers!
@Sherman_Tan thankyou!! i might put them in a smaller pot so the soil can dry faster. I dont understand much about soil mixes,, I use focus cactus mix and at the time i mixed in some extra stonesbto make it grittier but i guess it didnt work for this guy. do you have any tips like what sort of sand or the ratio etc? thankyou so much for the help xx
@succulizard Looks alive. There's a chance it can continue to grow once you pot it back into the soil. But I notice a rot hole. Try to keep that spot dry otherwise the rot might spread.

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