Posted 1M ago by @BigHawthorn

I keep getting an I occasional yellow dead leaf? What might the problem be !
10” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
Best Answer
@BigHawthorn has it been a month since you watered it?

Water Treatment
For a general water treatment and dechlorinator, mix one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide for every gallon of water used.
The hydrogen peroxide acts instantly to drive out chlorine, excess iron and sulfates.
A Word of Warning
You'll be pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide for plants! My one word of caution is to avoid using it in the soil too often. Since it will easily rid your soil of harmful pests, it can also take its toll on beneficial soil organisms. So, use it wisely and only treat when an infection or rot has been confirmed.
@KikiGoldblatt No 2 weeks
@BigHawthorn I would use the water treatment that I pasted for you. I had one that had the same problem. Use that on your next few waterings.
Water it f8rl

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