Posted 1M ago by @CurrentLuscious

I have got this plant about a month or 2 ago and it hasn't really grown...
It sprouts baby leaves but then other leaves die..
6” pot
Last watered 6 days ago
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The reasons for tender growth dying are numerous, but they can generally be divided into these categories: bugs, vascular disease, and root damage. Pests – When you're trying to determine how to fix dying growth, bugs are by far the easiest.

Poinsettias need a minimum of six hours of indirect sunlight each day. Protect the plants from freezing temperatures, especially when transporting them. Place them in a light-filled room away from drafts. They do best in rooms between 55 and 65 F at night and 65 to 70 F during the day.

Move it out of direct sunlight and place in indirect sunlight.
Thank you.. I have it in a window that gets afternoon sun. I have another one that is doing great in the same place...I could have been overwatering it making it have root damage cause leaves to die.

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