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My daughter gave me a cute little "grow a plant" kit for Mothers Day..... this is what the seed has turned into.... what the succ is it?
So cute! It looks like a pencil cactus
Agree with @ivysaur@, I've also heard them called firesticks
You grew this from seed????????🀯🀯🀯🀩🀩 so awesome!!! Good job.
Ok I just asked my daughter about the kit.... it's supposed to be a desert rose bonsai
@RJG here is the post about the supposed desert rose.

I received the kit for Mother's Day and started the seeds in mid June.

3 sprouted but only one has survived. I ended up stealing the cute pot for another plant so I threw the seedling in with a snake plant that is at a window with a grow light.

I recently moved him to his own pot and outdoors.
@SirLiquorice the seedling was in fact in a wicking container (per the kit instructions) that stayed consistently moist. I dumped the poor guy in with a snake plant that rarely gets watered but have moved him out and will follow your advice moving forward!!!
Dude this is awesome! I didn't know they grew so fast from seed. If you look at my Oasis, Dez and Rosie are both Desert Roses! Rosie is flowering right now! I can send a picture when the light is brighter!
Here you go! This is Rosie
And Dez
Had I known it was such an awesome plant I would have done some research and taken more care....but maybe that's why it has survived lol... sometimes I "care" too much πŸ˜†
Fyi, my daughter got the kit from uncommon goods

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