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Spider or spider mites? 🕸️

Sigh… tell me it’s a spider…please? 🫠
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Spray with neem oil / insecticidal Soap to be on the safe side.
@TattedHibiscus Unfortunately it looks like spider mites …..Quarantine the affected plant away from your other green buddies. We don't want these mites to turn into party crashers everywhere. Blast those mites with a strong jet of water. They hate it and will flee faster than you can say "Spider-Mite-Be-Gone!"Mix mild soap and water, or like @UltraKoreanfir suggested neem oil spray it on the plant's leaves. This sudsy disco will send those mites packing. neem oil is like the ultimate bug-be-gone playlist. Spray it on your pickle plant to make those mites boogie off. Hang shiny, reflective objects near your plant. It's like throwing a glittery disco party the mites can't stand! ( this is a secret tip I learned from my grandma) Invite the cool predators like ladybugs or predatory mites. They're the bouncers who kick out the unwanted guests. Keep an eye on your pickle plant and keep the party going in the right direction. Those spider mites won't stand a chance against your pest-busting moves good luck you got this !
That looks like a bad spider mite problem get you some captain jacks dead bug brew