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I'm looking for a grow light in my room so I can have more plants in there but my dad doesn't like the idea of how bright it is. Is there a grow light that just looks like an everyday light bulbs I can just have my light on in my room?

Links would be appreciated if you have any😊
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I love our light, the brightness is adjustable so You can really control how bright it is and you can switch between a few different colored lights depending on the kinda growth you are looking for (root growth vs foliage…etc)

Grow Lights Plant Light for Indoor Plants Lamps Auto ON/Off Timer
They sell grow lights bulbs on Amazon
Yep @Indoorgreens mentioned it already but here’s a pic. You can find grow light bulbs at most hardware stores too. They can work with desk lamps
Yes grow light bulbs are available that work in table lamps. They are available on Amazon. Grow lights can hurt your eyes so be careful. They are great for plant growth. πŸ₯°
They have some grow bulbs that are warmer white too!!!
These are high priced but have a nice warm white color and my plants seem to thrive under them.
Vitaβ„’ LED Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants 24"-84" Below Light - Universal 20 Watt-3000K SOLTECH Solutions - Black and White Available (Black)
I also use these... they are cheaper but are brighter bluish.

GE Grow Light, LED Flood Light Bulb For Seeds and Greens, Balanced Light Spectrum, High Output PPF 50 Micromoles Per Second (Pack of 1)
Depending on what kind of lamp/location you have it in, you might consider just blocking the direct light. For example, if you had it in a dome lamp, you could block the dome itself, which makes it easier to look at. I do this with my reptiles. It helps a lot when all four of them have UVB bulbs.
@Pegster @ivysaur would they work with a dome light like this?
The bulbs need to be close to the plants. If you research the bulbs, they usually show the diameter of light it covers.
If you are looking for a growlight for succulents you can use regular led bulb πŸ’‘ with this parameters: LED Day light 5000K, 1600 Lumens. The growlight should be close to the plants, cuz succulents like a lot of light.
I modified a standard lamp and bought a full spectrum grow light bulb at Walmart for $5
@MollyMoon ok this is super cool! I love the auto timer.
I’m running out of window space, and need to consider one of these!
I have the following lights and none of them are excessively bright.

Grow Light, LORDEM Full Spectrum LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4/8/12H , 4 Dimmable Brightness, Ideal for Small Plants, Pack of 2

Plant Light for Indoor Plants,...

LED Plant Grow Light 2021 New for...
I have the ones @ivysaur put a photo of above. I have one in a lamp close to my plants and another further away than "recommended." All plants are doing well in both areas. Obviously the ones closer to the grow lamp are growing faster, but the others aren't unhappy.

The thing I would "worry" about with the fan is that they would be covered.

Maybe some desk or floor lamps with those bulbs would be easier? Could create a whole plant corner/space?

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