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What plant is this?
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One last thing to add here. Calatheas are very particular about their water. Make sure to used rain water, distilled water, or spring water. No tap!
this is called an β€˜Calathea orbifolia’

It looks lovely btw! :)
Calathea Orbifolia 🌿✨
@philoboi thank you!!
@philoboi what kind of light do they like?
@Morgan3300 caletheas LOVE bright in-direct light, i have mine under a grow light just to be safe.

they also love a steady watering schedule with well draining soil so it’s not β€˜soggy’ but still moist.
@Morgan3300 forgot to include my plant 🀞🏼
@RJG good to know!
@RJG thank you!!
@Morgan3300 @philoboi as someone who had to learn this the hard way πŸ˜…πŸ«£ you're so very welcome 😎
@RJG πŸ˜† experience makes perfect!

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