Posted 2M ago by @SuaveDamsii

My plant is dying I don't know how to help.

I tried allowing it dry out. Also gave it some fertilizer in water. I have grow lights in case it was too cold and dark for the winter. It used to be so healthy... Now it has droopy, falling leaves and brown spots.
Things just keep getting worse. I love this plant, Any help at all is appreciated
4ft to light, indirect
Last watered 2 months ago
Does the pot not have any drainage, or is that a typo? If it has no drainage, it doesn't matter if you waited for your plant to dry out; the water is mainly pooled at the bottom and has no way to escape, leaving your plant wet no matter what.

When in doubt always check the root system, it's tedious but you always have to rule out root rot before moving forward with other causes.
Yes apologies, it does have drainage and fairly good air flow. I did check out the root system. It still looks okay perhaps a bit discolored but not mushy or brown or black. What is the best treatment for roots just to be sure?
@SuaveDamsii you can use a diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in the soil (about 1 teaspoon to a cup of water) however this can affect the plant's good bacteria. Another choice is cinnamon, if you apply it directly to the roots as it is an effective natural fungicide/antibacterial. If you aren't using it, distilled or rain water may help. Does the soil absorb the water easily? If it pools or doesn't soak in, the soil could be hydrophobic which would mean it might need a good soak in a tray. Hope this helps.
My next suggestion would be to check your lighting, how strong is the grow light you have?
Thanks for these suggestions, i moved it to more natural light during the day.

The past week I've kept it in water after removing any black roots and applying cinnamon. would it be best to put it back into dry soil?

Does it like humidity? I have a cabinet that tends to hold in more humidity for cuttings. I can keep it in there for time being if this would help root growth?