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Is my 10 inch pot too big for my Kenyan violets?

I have 3 all about the same size. The old pots they were in were 8 inch pots and what my grandmother had them in before she passed and I got them. The diameter of the leaves take up pretty much the diameter of th 10 inch pot but I feel like there is a LOT of extra soil it’s sitting in since the stem and roots only go a couple inches down. Did I get too big of a pot size?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 18 hours ago
Curious, how deep is the pot?
@tnfranco about 8 inches deep
That might be a little deep but not tooooooooo bad. Lol that might not be as helpful as I’d hoped. Haha like I definitely wouldn’t go bigger than that that’s for sure. :)
@tnfranco for sure won’t be going bigger than the 10. When I repotted them into it earlier the roots only went a couple inches down so now I’m afraid the pot is way too big. I’m still new to planting and don’t want to kill something sentimental.
I am not sure. I sadly do not have the best luck with these for whatever silly reason but I’ve always read and heard they love to be root bound. Small pots!
I’m trying to find this plant. It’s listed at the grocery store as a red Luna would that be correct? Assuming you can see this picture I don’t know since I’ve just started doing this but let me know. OK thank you.
That could be a Kenyon οΏΌviolet, but the pictures that I saw was a red Luna for me οΏΌ