Posted 1M ago by @Twizz13r69

This is a nanouk do they like direct sunlight or just a bright indirect light?
2” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
My favorite tradescantia. Bright indirect light is what they like. I’m still searching for a place where it gets enough light without leaf burn. They are supposed to be easy but mine is fussy 🤔. The pink is soooo vibrant tho. Good growing 💖
@Annasea someone gave us this cutting… Haven’t had any issues yet lolz I just wanted to make sure she was getting enough light she does have a couple burn spots…
I would say indirect light. I have mine under a grow light about 3’ above it. My air conditioning went out so the window I had it close to has now a window unit. So I have placed all the plants from that window to the coffee table in the middle of the living room with a 4 lighted grow lights. And my nanouk
Is doing well there so far till I get the air conditioning fixed.
I would say very little direct light and more indirect. And don’t water till it’s knuckle dry.

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