Posted 1M ago by @PeakDuranta

Painter's palette plant starting to brown and leaves have fallen off
After being at home for afew days the red leaves started to fall off and now she has these brown spots and the leaves are starting to brown. Would appreciate any help, wondering if she just needs a bigger pot as I am starting to see the roots poking out of the soil? :)
Thank you 🙏
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi Payt, welcome to Greg!

I took a look at your plant card and it says it receives direct sunlight. This could be sunburn as they tend to prefer bright, indirect light. It can be acclimated to full sun, but if done too quickly you'll see sunburn.

As far as the repot - usually it doesn't cause leaf issues unless your plant isn't getting the water it needs due to being root bound. Since you're seeing roots I'd definitely repot once growing season starts!
Thank you !