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Did I find something special?
Is this a philodendron rio or just wishful thinking?
(The photos are more yellow / green than in person) #PhiloFlock #PlantAddict
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First look I thought its a philodendron brasil. A rio would be slightly longer and its more cream than yellow.
You can read abt the indepth diff here:
Regardless ur philodendron is pretty
Philodendron Brazil :)
This looks like a Philodendron 'Brasil' they can variate in pattern/color... Sometimes they produce all neon green leaves as well.

😊 I think they're beautiful
I agree with everyone above, my initial reaction was Brasil!
philodendron Brazil!
Thanks all! Those elongated leaves and slivery splashes had me dreaming
I agree with everyone. You have a beautiful anyπŸͺ΄
Thanks @Pegster it really is beautiful plant no matter what!! (And my brasil has definitely been been one of my most rewarding kiddos so I bought it anyway lol cuz why not!) πŸ˜‚πŸ₯³πŸ’š
Any tips on how to better spot the differences between the two? @PaleGreenThumb @melodey @Pegster @PlantMompy @calvina @RJG @Gordo @HoyaAddict
@motherofplants rios are more pointed and narrower leaves. The variegation more dramatic and less yellow. But these are sooooo gorgeous. I love the Brazil!
I love my Brasil!!
@motherofplants pretty sure it’s just a Brazil. @Sleepysunday has a fantastic link to look at.
@motherofplants it’s a Philodendron Brazil.
Thanks again all! @Sleepysunday it’s so funny I actually read that article and that’s what made me wonder / ask the grp πŸ˜†! The big box store lighting doesn’t do this baby justice. It’s much less yellow, green, neon and more creamy silver.
I believe you’re all right, but had to see if maybe I’d found some special/ fun sport var! (Always hopeful πŸ˜„πŸ€ž)
Much appreciated!!!! πŸ™πŸ’š

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