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Fittonia seems a little lackluster :(

Hey y’all, hope you and your plant families (and real families) are all doing well! Need some advice on my lovely nerve plant, Ranvier (like the nodes of Ranvier), here. Her plant card picture is what she looked like when I adopted her, and the other pictures are what she looks like as of this morning. I’ve been consistently watering her when the top of the soil feels dry and the last time I watered her, I bottom-watered her. Her leaves feel firm, not soft like they’re β€œfainting,” so I’m not sure why she’s not growing up like she was before and instead growing out to the sides. Any suggestions? Is this normal? Thanks in advance! #Fittonia
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Hey @rainier I have found these to be perticularlly fussy especially compared to my succulents.
I have found these like to be on the wetter and humid side so probably waiting for the top to be dry is a bit to long but on the drier side of moist or the moister side of dry? Especially with the terracotta pot.
I also occasionally throw in a top water every couple of times to help not sure if it is making a difference.
Did you change her position where the light was hitting her at the top more so before? Maybe it’s a light issue
Yours is beautiful. Mine grows taller & I want it to be wider like yours! My "Lacey" started growing taller after giving her steams or sitting in a closed bathroom with hot water going.
She's about 6in tall
Hi, Rakiya! I enjoy these plants! They are groundcover in their natural habitat.

For a little while, these plants might seem to grow up, but soon enough they will grow out. They love to creep across the forest floor under the canopy of the trees. They enjoy moist soil and bright but indirect light. οΏΌ
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Also, nerve plants white (or other color) veins purpose is to absorb sunlight so they will reach to wherever they like the lighting best.
@buzzie hmm no, the picture was taken shortly after sunrise so that’s why there wasn’t much sun πŸ˜… usually she gets 3-6 hours of direct sunlight from an east facing window.
@LoveLeeLife @sarahsalith @TheLonelyDaff thank you so much for all your help!! i’ll start bringing her in the bathroom with me when i shower and enjoy her as she grows out like groundcover :)