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Monstera with moss pole advice

Hi all!
I have a three year old monstera, recently repotted into a 14” pot. It is doing well, and growing quite large! But I would want to have it grow more vertical, rather than outward. Over the past year I have strong the branches up with a wooden dowel in the center (visible in the image), but have heard about folks using a moss pole to get it to grow upward! To the folks that have used this: what are best practices? How does one train a monstera to bend its branches around a moss pole over time? What are tips and tricks? And most of all, does it work well? Share your knowledge freely! Any help is appreciated!
1ft to light, direct
14” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Best Answer
Well, you’ve got several plants in there, as you’re aware. I can’t tell if it’s large form or small form.
If large form, they will grow up anything. A cedar plank is great. Tie it so the aerial roots touch the plant and they will attach and the stem will go up once it has the support to do that.
If it’s small form you could do that but it would also appreciate an actual moss pole. I like the D-shaped ones, but take your pick. Trick there is to get the nodes up against it so it will root into the pole, then it’ll keep going up there and rooting in.
The stem that’s 3 years old isn’t going to bend, you just have to coax it where you want it when growth is fresh. I use graft tape a lot to get nodes to stay right on the moss (and going straight up a pole).
Great into @Mrsjenger ! I have done some research and come to the conclusion I have a small form monstera. She’s a real climber. Guess I’ll be getting that moss pole! Thanks again!