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Cat Attacked Palm Needs Recovery
Hey Greg fam,

I recently held a rescue mission on a ponytail palm that my grandmother had in her home. It was a beautiful little plant, until her two kitties decided it was their favorite snack. I was able to intercept the devouring and took the poor palm home, but it’s pretty beat up.

Nothing too bad, still nice and green, but significant damage to most of the stringies.

Thoughts on how to help Ruba recover?

Thanks! DC

#ponytailpalm #catattack
5” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
Just do what Greg says and it should do OK it’s in great hands
I wouldn't worry! Looks like the damage was only to the leaves and they will eventually fall off as all palm leaves do. If you prefer to reroot the plant's energy you can cut off the ones that have been chewed.
You can cut off the parts if the leaves that were damaged if you want. Otherwise, just take good care of it and it will grow well for you. They like not a lot of water, and a lot of light. I take mine outside in the summer to get a great deal of direct sunlight.
My kitties chew mine every time they get the chance, I just try to make sure they only get to the bottom layers!

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