Posted 3w ago by @Flannagh

Should I trim this dead leaf?
Wondering if I should cut this off? Thank you #taro #help #PlantCorner
Yes! It’ll stop trying to put energy into a dead leaf and instead give it to the healthy parts of the plant 🌱 and no harm is done at all
Thank you!!! How do you suggest trimming?
@Flannagh Just take a pair of clean, sharp scissors (a quick Clorox wipe down should do, just make sure the scissors are dry) and snip below the dead part. VoilΓ !
@ABCD thank you so much!
@Flannagh Happy to help
@Flannagh if you haven’t snipped the leaf yet make sure your scissors or pruners are sterilized before doing so.
@KikiGoldblatt I sterilized it with a Clorox wipe! Do you think that’s okay?

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