Posted 1M ago by @JoysomePalqui

My plants keep dying

Hello, I’ve had these plants since 2017 ever since I moved to DE and they go through the season just fine but I haven’t been able to save them and they’re dying on me, I’ve tried repotting them twice, they haven’t change pots since I’ve got them, any suggestions on how to bring them back? Or should I just give up and trie again?
4ft to light, direct
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Hi! @JoysomePalqui You might want to keep them in indirect light instead of direct light. You could also take some cuttings and propagate in water. Once the propagations grow roots, you could start a new plant.
Hope these tips help!
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I agree with @SunnyPlants

The stems coming from the pot look brown/dead. Taking a few cuttings of the green part of the plant that includes a leaf and node to prop in water is what I would do. 🌱