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Hello, need help please. Why is my succulent looking so s...

4” pot
Last watered 1 year ago
Welcome to Greg, Jennina! Does your plant look like an Ice Plant to you? Also called a Corpuscularia Lehmannii. This is a #wishlistplant for me. This kind of Ice Plant, if that's what it is, loves lots of full sun!

It's hard to tell what it looks like from the pictures. Could you take a few more pictures of the plant?
This looks like Haworthia. Does it get enough water and light? Does the pot have drainage holes?
@sarahsalith it was getting a lot of sun before but it turned soft and squishy and i thought maybe it didnt like sun so i put it inside
@PrimoHedera maybe it needs something in between. I keep a lot of mine outside but under a shade cloth so it's not direct, harsh light.
@vvvelo i think its haworthia too.. i water it every 2 weeks.. light, im not sure about this.. before its getting a lot of sun outside but i placed it inside the house after the leaves turned soft.. the pot has holes it. I really dont know why its looking like this
This is what it looked like when i bought it
@PrimoHedera Hello πŸ‘‹ and welcome to Greg, Jenninna!

I agree with @vvvelo on this.

Haworthia cooperi
@dreamlettuce I guess Dariana is a big fan of Haworthias. She may know more about them.
I’m a beginner myself but in general I think squishy leaves means overwatering, crispy leaves means underwatering. Does your soil retain moisture or is it fast-draining? (I’ve found if I use cactus soil on my succulents they thrive better!)
@vvvelo well said Vladimir. You are πŸ’― correct.
Put it under a bright light and give it sips of water every three days until it plumps up. It should be plump and firm, the leaves are a transparent window of its hydration. Once it starts to wrinkle and shrivel, it’ll lose transparency and will take time to regain its natural look. However, do not thrust it into bright light. Move it slowly so that it doesn’t suffer from sunburn.

I have Eddie that is a shriveled Haworthia. He’s a rescue and I’m working on plumping him up again.

Allow yourself a bit of grace. It’ll take time but stay positive and check on it every day. The difference in appearance from one day to another can be astounding in most cases so don’t give long sips. Just a drip here and there while you work on returning his plump appearance. Good luck!
I have Haworthia cooperi and it was a difficult plant for me at first. It is a bit on the finicky side, but once you get everything figured out it stays pretty happy. ❀️ It’s a beautiful plant.
You’ve gotten great answers here! I’m glad they noticed your question and were able to help.

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I think it’s maybe a combo of overwatering and maybe the type of soil? Cactus/ succulent soil definitely helps with making sure the plant isn’t retaining too much moisture. Also, if it’s wintertime where you are, most plants become at least somewhat dormant and don’t need as much water. I usually only water my cacti/succulents about once a month in the winter. As for sunlight, my Zebra Plant Haworthia is doing pretty well in bright indirect light, but it’s a different type so not sure if that will work best for yours. I hope this helps a little! Good luck (-:
I'm of the opinion it's a Haworthia Cymbiformis...I have two and the leaves are 'pointier' than the Cooperi species
Thank you so much for all the reply! I hope it survives 😊