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Air plant gone brown
My air plant has gone very brown and dry except at the very ends of the leaves, is there a way to revive it? #AirPlant #
4” pot
Last watered 3 months ago
Do you have a picture of the browning? Your original picture it looks green and healthy.
@KikisOasis maybe able to help? Definitely post a photo if you can.
@userdb2659c3 how often were you watering it? I watered mine at room temperature water every 5 to 7 days. A current pic of your plant would be great if you could post it.
Hi all i will post a picture of what it currently looks like
@userdb2659c3 sounds good, thank you.
@userdb2659c3 when I water mine I let them soak room temperature water for an hour, then I move them to paper towels to let them dry. I also use fertilizer specifically for air plants every 2 weeks.
@KikisOasis what fertilizer because I also have air plants is it like the spray
It’s probably from overwatering. I find when this happens it’s near impossible to bring them back.

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