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Pothos propagation issues
I've had these pothos propagations for more than two weeks but I have only seen growth on one of them ( And after a week it stopped growing) Is there something I might be doing wrong #propagation #goldenpothos #plantsmakepeoplehappy #propagationstation
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Yeah, in my experience propagation is just a waiting game! Stick them in some water, and after you’ve forgotten about them they’ll probably start sprouting roots all over. If you’re feeling impatient, you could consider getting some rooting hormone as well.
Sometimes they take a while to get started. (: I'm sure you'll see new growth soon! I had some that took over a month to root.
I have lots of pothos it’s usually takes mine up to 1 1/2 months to have a good root system for planting
I’ve found that keeping the roots covered helps them grow faster. Doing this my last pothos propagated in less than 2 weeks! The leaf itself was exposed to indirect sunlight but the roots were covered by the crate it was in. Maybe try that and see if it helps
Thumbs up that there isn’t any rot. I think that’s great news for starters. The only thing I would do different is trim off that random inch of the little one, it might be stealing some energy. Otherwise like everyone else said, patience now. I try to forget about mine and they do well in a west facing window.
Thanks!☺️ @sarahsalith
They root faster in areas that are 75F and up also. I had mine in a cooler section and they weren't doing much, when i moved to a very warm area of my house they came right to life.
@StrugglePlant Thanks! I'll try that!πŸ‘
I did an experiment and propagating in perlite seems to be faster. They have already rooted after 2 weeks while the ones in just water has had no change or barely a nub show.

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