Posted 2w ago by @kelseycaroline

I propitiated this guy from 3 leaves and now he has 5!! My app says I should water every 5 days, which I have been doing for the most part and he’s doing well but I am afraid of overwatering. Any advice on golden pothos would be appreciated!
3ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
First off, Golden Pothos are super resilient so know you're in good hands!

The best thing to do before you water your plants is to check the soil and be sure the first couple inches are dry before you water. If it feels moist when the app tells you to water, hit the "snooze" button. The app will learn your rhythms and plant's needs.
I agree with @PlantMompy, if the soil is still wet hit Snooze!!
Mine is growing like crazy. I wait until the top is dry. Too much water can cause some yellowing. Mine was a rescue with 3 leaves and it’s a beauty now
Sorry ur baby is sick. No advice but glad I saw ur comment cuz I didn't even kno wat the snooze meant since I'm new on here. An now that advice will help me! This app an the ppl in it are amazing!
Finger test, stick your pointer in an inch or so. If soil sticks to your finger it doesn't need water, if it doesn't go for it!
@kelseycaroline I agree with @PlantMompy as well. Check the soil before watering. Stick your finger into the soil about 2 to 3 inches and if it’s still moist hit the snooze button then if it’s dry then water it. Also Welcome to Greg.

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