Posted 3w ago by @Newplantmum

Are these spots on my hen and chick plant okay?

I just recently got my first plant about a week ago and repotted him, gave him the right succulent soil, you know all that, I just noticed these little spots/tiny indentations on two of the leaves and want to make sure there’s nothing going on I need to fix.
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hummm. It looks like it could be scale.

I bet those big ones on the left can be picked off with your fingernail, right?
@vvvelo are you available to help out Gwen?
Most likely yes, the ones on the right though are indented.
Those look like edema. The plant was overwatered in the past and it damaged the cells.
Is that anything I should worry about?