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Change the soil or wait?

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This young lady has been in its pot for about 3 years. She seems to be doing great. Currently has 4 flowers with a 5th one coming in.
The soil she is in is bonsai soil. It seems all the soil is gone and all that’s left is the little rocks that came in the soil. Now I’m wondering if I should change the soil, change the top couple of inches or just leave it alone and wait until she starts asking for a change?
0ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
I say if you think she happy leave her. You could top off the soil with fresh so when u water some will go down into the pot. It's if she needs a new pot do it. But if she's growing and healthy I say leave it. It really looks beautiful 😍
I totally agree with Jamie @plantfinatic) πŸ˜€ if she's producing blooms she's obviously happy! 😁

If you can see roots coming from the drainage holes... It's time to repot, but otherwise I would leave her be for now. She's obviously getting what she needs from the soil (even if it b looks a bit sparse!) it she wouldn't be so gloriously healthy πŸ₯° xx