Posted 3w ago by @HelpmateGray

My baby looks like she is dying. Leaves are all browning - see attached pic. I water on schedule. It’s more than 3 feet from a window. What’s wrong? 😩
4ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
What is looks like now 😩😩
Are the dying leaves dry/crispy or soft/soggy?

What does the soil feel like, wet or dry?
@sijuadekings has some good questions.

I find this plant rather finicky and it requires a fine line of care. Too much or too little and the plant doesn't look good.

How much light is it getting? And is the soil able to dry in between waterings?
@sijuadekings leaves are dry and crispy. Soil medium dry just watered it a couple days ago.
3w ago
Mine is the same and it's not doing any better 😩
Mine is having issues too! I moved him closer to the window for today because it is raining - he looks a little perkier than this morning, but not sure what is going on.
Forgot a photo πŸ™„
So I moved it to window sill. Let’s see if that helps. I wonder if plants can be watered too fast and most of the way we drains in the holder and the plant doesn’t get enough πŸ€”

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