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Since they photosynthesize they can be considered plants, right?
Saw these cute little buggers and had to share 🥺🥺🥺

How have we not explored all our oceans when things this adorable live in it?!
#petsofgreg #happyplants ?
I’m so deeply infatuated with ocean life. My brain cannot comprehend that there’s a whole living ecosystem in our oceans! Living plants, mammals, fish, MICROORGANISMS…I mean, it’s absolutely amazing what our nature is. 🥹
How adorbs 🥰
@kscape RIGHT?! I know in some ways it's nice that parts of the Earth are unexplored by humans. But OCEAN LIFE IS SO COOL
Too adorable 🥰
Crazy to think there are parts of the ocean we'll never see (unless we figure out the technological system/technique that won't buckle and crush under the pressure) The ocean umis beyond fascinating and so rad
BUT I have a straight up phobia of getting in or on ocean water. I loved Florida but hated living close to the ocean. As beautiful as it may be, it's 5 times a freak deadly and scary. For every 1 cute/fascinating thing there are 50 horrifying deadly things in comparison.
The ocean live is beautiful and amazing. I went scuba diving in Cozumel. The plant life is amazing, corals growing along the rock face, fish of all colors and amazing sponges that grow almost like a Gollum Jade. It truly is fascinating 🥰
I WANT ONE!!!! They are adorable!!!! Hmmm….I’ve got an extra bathroom with a tub…🤔

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