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My Campfire doesn't look good

UPDATE! My campfire has been sitting on with a growlight but for 6 hrs a day. From first day up until now it shows no sign of improvement. It looks wilty, shrinkled leaves and drying (turning to black) and soft leaves. Its roots arent growing... What is happening?
Hi there! I saw in your post that this is an update, but I did not see your previous post. I’m not sure why you have the plant out of the pot. What’s going on?

Maybe you can try taking off the black and dried leaves to help the plant have more energy for new leaves. It’s difficult to see from the pictures, but maybe you can check the roots to see if they are still good? Maybe you can propagate it by cutting the stem, allowing it to dry out for 2 days and then putting it in water. Just trying to give some ideas as I don’t know the entire story.
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I uprooted them to check for root rots. This succulent have wrinkled leaves after i watered it 4days ago. No sign of root rot but i watered it throughly
What will you do next? Put it back in the pot?