Posted 4w ago by @DashingAtom

I have an Aloe plant tht looks like it has mold growing p...

3ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
You might be overwatering it is my thought I’d suggest changing the soil and cutting back on watering.
@DashingAtom Shellz I would give it more light. A north window would not be strong enough I wouldn’t think. Plus the app would also tell you if you have it in the perfect spot as well. 🪴😏 hopefully input will help a bit. Water meter is helpful too
The soil looks a little too wet. Just scoop out the bad soil at the top and try bottom watering. Let it sit on a saucer with the appropriate amount of water. I read your details on this plant and I see you keep it 2 feet away from the window. This plant needs to be right at the window getting full sun for the better part of the day. Mine sits in a south facing window, on the ledge with nothing obstructing it. (Curtains, blinds, etc.) Good luck! 😊
*Pic of my Aloe sitting in sink after watering.