Posted 3w ago by @NewGrowth

Hey y’all! So I decided to be brave and get some plants outside this summer to really allow them to thrive. This porch is covered, and south facing with just a touch of direct western light in the evenings. Almost all these plants are thriving except one aloe and it’s pups that I recently potted up. This is “Lucky” from my oasis. Is this sun burn, and if so should I bring them back in or allow them to continue getting acclimated? #AloeVera #OutdoorGrowing #help 🙂🤢
I'd bring them in and reintroduce them outside slowly but maybe you could leave one out and see how it does? Or you could try placing them behind the spiders so the sun is a little more dappled.
I agree with @PlantMompy to just introduce them slowly and start with a complete shade for a week and then to sunlight.. let us know how it is going. Happy planting 🌺
@PlantMompy thank you, I brought two inside and left one pup outside to see how they do! Will be introducing them for a couple hours here and there.
@sirokad thank you! I will. 😊

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