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Should I cover the soil?
Hey all! For #whatthesuccwednesday I repotted my #variegatedBearsPaw. I am super nervous but, knock on wood, they have had a ton of new growth so I think I have got their conditions right!

My question is about covering the soil. I know with many succulents people put things on top. Stones? Perlite? Something else? Is it for aesthetics or for practical reasons? Should I do it for these guys?
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3” pot with drainage
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@vvvelo do you have any idea?
i think the covering is, most of the time, just top dressing! it can definitely help with fungus gnats but with succulents, we shouldn’t be watering enough for them to have soil that’s wet enough for gnats anyway. i’m pretty sure most people just have it there for aesthetics :)
edit: i wouldn’t use perlite as a top dressing btw, it might float up… i think many people use colored gravel, crushed granite/lava rock and stuff like that, but i’ve heard of aquarium gravel being used too :)
Cotyledon Tomentosa needs a well-draining soil mix since they are prone to root rot. You can either use a formulated soil for cacti and succulents or add perlite and coarse sand to ordinary potting soil.

Generally, they love a bit of acidic soil with a pH of about 6 and do well in a pot that is just one size larger than the root system.
For me, I cover the soil when my plant is floppy. If I have a little succ that keeps tilting, pebbles stop that fast. (:

Pebbles will also retain moisture, so be aware.
I cover soil in some of my pots just to make it look nicer and also hold the soil in place.
Thanks everyone!

I bottom water and made this so I can take the planter out of the cover pot for that reason. I do like the look of stones but get nervous about them trapping moisture so maybe I'll give them time to acclimate and be sure they are thriving again before I decide if it's necessary!
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You don’t need to cover it. Too much on top detracts from the plant’s beauty. Maybe just use a pretty pebble or two 😍

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