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I been following everyone advise on my very resilient but stubborn monstera, Tara.
I took what was left from her and started to propagate her in water, she was doing great and then I saw a little bit of rotting so by you guys advise I put her in orchid bark/perlite, and she rot even more. I had to cut off most of the new roots and clean her up well. She has a lot of new growth so I think there’s hope but I am a little lost because I was doing everything i could. Should I just put her in soil and hope for the best? Should I start over and put her in soil again? #help #PleDontDie #Monstera #pleasehelp #PropagationStation
1ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
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@Itsversaxe that’s up to you - in my experience, I think putting it into full soil right now will put it into shock and maybe kill it. Overtime you have trained the roots to live in water, so if you want to go into soil, you need to do that gradual transition. I add a few tablespoons of soil every 2-3 days until it’s a really thick mud but you have to put into full soil within two weeks or so. When you first start adding dirt to the water, it will grow a ton of roots really quickly! You were gradually taking off the training wheels and teaching the roots that they need to get their nutrients from dirt instead of water.
When I propagate and see water is not working I do as you stated and try soil with root hormone. Just keep it simple. Best of luck! @Itsversaxe
@PlantHapppy she was growing so much until I added the orchid barks you think that would make any difference?
@Itsversaxe Possibly. That’s why I stated keep it simple. I have taken advice only to cause my plant to get worse so as the ole saying goes β€œif it ain’t broken don’t fix it.” I say this with kindness. 😌
@PlantHapppy thank you!
Hey there - when you start to add soil to water props, you have to move quickly since there’s now more organic material in the water. If you add soil to the water you’re transitioning the roots to go into full soil one day.
You have a few options now - I would say go back to just clean plain water and no soil. I wouldn’t shock the roots by going into full soil right now. But then also think about what you want to do with the plant long term - it can live in water indefinitely, but you do have to change the water at least once a week. Or you could start transitioning it to soil with a goal that it will eventually be in a pot. οΏΌ
@RealSimpleMama Id like to pot her in soil to avoid rotting. Should I start over and let her grow some roots before I do that? πŸ€”
@RealSimpleMama I will give that a try really appreciate your response! Fingers crossed 🀞🏻
@Itsversaxe you’re welcome! I’m sorry it’s been such a mess. I would also spray it really well with hydrogen peroxide to kill any bad bacteria on the roots. Keep us posted! πŸŒ±β˜€οΈβ€οΈ