Posted 3w ago by @Pittyplantlover

What is this? My monstera has a really small new growth o...

4ft to light, direct
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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@Pittyplantlover you’re talking about the green thin piece - looks like a piece of grass? - it may be a new leaf, I’m not so sure, mine hasn’t developed any new leaves yet
Can you pick it off with your fingernail?
@sarahsalith yes but it’s coming from the soil. Any idea what it is
@sarahsalith is it part of the plant?
Okay - are yoi concerned about 1 or 2?
This part is natural, it's dead "skin" from where the plant grows. A spent sheath.
Okay- #1 looks like it could be scale.

Does it move or do you just see it here and there?
@sarahsalith this little thing here?
Here is some of the "stuff" on my monstera. This is physical damage from life. Kinda like blemishes.
@sarahsalith this. Is this a baby?
That looks like the usual browning on the edge of leaves. It does not look worrisome.
@Pittyplantlover kinda like dead or dry skin we get at times
@VitalNutgrass yes! It’s ok small no one knew what I was talking about. I’ve never seen this before
@Pittyplantlover can you brush the soil away from the base a bit & see where it goes to? I’d give it a week or se & see what happens… keep us updated!!