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Abel is being silly

Hey y'all, I replanted Abel about a month-ish ago, because at the time I didn't know peace lilies love for being root bound.
(Fresh from the store and it was browning)
I've had to cut many yellowing and browning tips. I'm worried

I'm not considering a factor?
Any suggestions?
1ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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Hey, K! You're right! Peace lilies LOVE being tight in their pots. It helps them to stand up and it helps them regulate the water they get.

Their leaves also have their own life-cycles. The new ones grow and the older ones turn yellow and die. You can take a pair of scissors and just cut it off near the soil.

The flowers don't last long and they start to get brown spots and dry out. Sometimes, you'll let yellow leaves if the plant is getting too much water, but again, older leaves will die off too.

Can you post a picture of the entire plant so we can see the whole thing?
@sarahsalith, of course! Here's the best photo I could provide at the moment! I've already trimmed a good amount of the dead leaves, so it looks healthy now, but I wish to just make sure.
It looks like it's had a bit of a tough time, but nothing some new leaves won't fix. (: In time, it'll look AMAZING!

Make sure you water deeply and let the soil dry before watering again. These plants can be thirsty. It'll love bright, indirect sunlight, so a foot from a southeast window might be good as long as the sun's rays aren't touching the plant.
Okay! I will implement your suggestions and see if he'll grow better!
I just got this Lilly and repotted it right away. I waited a week to water it because the soil was still moist. It now looks like this in the picture. I repotted it in a bigger pot and noticed the roots were very wet still so I added dry soil when I replanted it in its current pot. It looks like to me that I over watered it. Should I wait another week to water again?
Heyo Tim!
From my experience (which is only a month, i should add)
I've had my peace lily at that state myself and I let the soil dry out on its own. It's recommended to water every week or so, but I believe you may have over watered as I have done!

If you wish to get a more experienced plant carer, you should post your own question since there could be many factors that I may have missed!
Hello, I keep trying to post and it won’t let me. I have only been able to post a comment.
I'm sorry to here that, hopefully you'll be able to post soon! I hope my advice can be helpful until you can!
Well, I took my peace Lilly out of the pot it was in and found the roots to be very wet. I removed the clumped wet soil and reported it in dry soil. Now it looks like this. When I put my finger in the soul near the roots it’s cool but not wet. Should I wait to water until next week?
Oh no, did your peace lily have any drainage?
@LetsFlourish it does have drainage
@LetsFlourish now that I’ve taken the soaked soil around the roots away, what should I look for in regards to the next watering?