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Not looking good. Suggestions?
Maybe a sunburn or dehydration? Not sure, I don’t have one, but from my limited experience yellow can be from under watering or over watering. Or even sun issues. Brown might be a reaction to the lighting.
@MindfulMum thank you…I’m thinking under watering. We have no humidity so I will try increasing.
@ResilientRedsky some plants enjoy humidity from a Rock tray. You can probably build one! Just set up a little tray with water and pop some rocks in it and place it beside. We ended up investing in a humidifier because we also get some dry winters, so I absolutely get it!

I’ve seen people take their plants in the shower for a nice misting and a little bit of a soak from time to time. That might be a bit much though.
Hmm, my peace lily has never looked like that from underwatering? Instead the leaves just droop and look really sad. Then they perk up almost immediately once they get water! Yellow leaves might be overwatering. Do you have a moisture meter? I pretty much wait until the soil is dry before I water again. Hope that helps somewhat?
I agree with @PsGarden it's most likely overwatering since the entire leaf is yellow. Most of the time with underwatering the leaves will droop and become brown with yellow around the edges as that's where the plant sucks the water from first (kind of like how your hands and feet get cold first in cold weather) I would put your plant in the sink/tub and give it a good soak. You can either bottom water for 15 minutes or so then allow the plant to drain for at least 10 minutes or you can shower it then let it drain. I'd also clip those yellow leaves to stop the plant from focusing energy on them 😊
My peace lily always droop when she needs watering so it’s to much water and maybe to@much sun also
@PsGarden yes this helps, thank you. Not sure what is happening all if a sudden…plant over a year old. I will till it droops. We are in Arizona so no humidity in the air at all. I will experiment
@jazzyjess yes thank you. I did trim the leaves this afternoon. All good suggestions
Going to add in too that my peace lily really struggles in direct sunlight! Maybe move it further from the sun

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