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I have tried EVERYTHING. What is going on with my peperomia??
#Greggers I need some serious #help with my #SadPlant. I have tried water, drying her ALL the way out, repotting (no root rot) in fresh soil, humidifier, plant lights… but as you can see this plant is PERISHING. What is her deal?? HELP. She was beautiful and thriving when I got her and this seemingly happened overnight!! 😱 I am at my wit’s end!

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4” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
That looks like root rot 😔
@emmybee it looks like it’s still in its nursery pot. Turn it obve and see if you see roots coming out the bottom. If you do like @FigNewton said it’s root rot. It’s time plant in it a new pot. Much bigger than the nursery pot. I would go 2 inches bigger.
I would also cut a few leaves and try to propagate it just in case… I’ve had some pepperomia obtusifolia that went south really quick as well.. I cut off all the nasty and propagated it in water and now they are thriving.. but the obtusifolia variety is different from regular pepperomia so for yours I believe it’s leaf cuttings.
@KikiGoldblatt @FigNewton I’ve already repotted and her root system looks okay to me - it wasn’t soggy or rotted, and I let it dry out before repotting in fresh soil.
@NMazon I will try this, to salvage what’s left. Thank you!
Have you moved her around a lot? I'm wondering if it's stress? I moved an eden rosso to a different spot and it drooped so hard and took FOREVER to perk up again.

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