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Any Begonia wet stick propagation tips?

My begonia serratipetala has been struggling since I got it a few weeks ago. Most of the leaves have fallen off leaving bare stems. I have read that the safest bet to propagate wet sticks is moss. I am new to both sphagnum moss and propagating wet sticks. Anyone have advice or tips? #Begonia #help
3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
@Philogonia When propagating wet sticks of your Begonia serratipetala, moss is indeed a solid choice! Here's what you gotta do:

Get some fresh, damp sphagnum moss.
Gently wrap the bare stems with the moss, ensuring good contact.
Use clear plastic to cover the moss-wrapped stems to create a mini greenhouse effect.
Keep 'em in a warm, bright spot (but not under direct sunlight).
Spray the moss lightly to keep it moist but not soaked. Don't let it dry out!
Be patient, 'cause it may take some time for new growth to appear.
With a bit of TLC, your begonia will thrive and bounce back like a champ!
If it is a stick begonia they prop very easy on water if it is a tuber begonia which I think it is you can just put a leaf with a little bit of the stem on top of so@w moist not wet spahg moss and you can even put it into like a take out container or a tipper wear to keep the humidity up but make sure to burp it every day to let the fresh air in and stale out and spray with a spray bottle when moss looks dry
If you have any stems with leaves you could try propping in soil too. I took 2 cuttings off my begonia and just put them both into soil in the same pot. Then gave a splash 💦 and put it in a ziplock bag and sealed it up completely. Like a closed terrarium it produced its own water and no gnats got in! Once I started to see new growth I waited until it looked like it was strong and then slowly started to open the bag to acclimate it to room humidity. Here’s a pic of the cuttings now 🥹💕
Here’s a pic of the cutting in the baggy. The second is what I did to the mother plant- I felt she needed consistent humidity in order to bounce back. She’s slowly coming back🤞 🤞
Well I don’t know if it works yet I take mine rinse them off dip them in cinnamon and then put them in soil and water
I’m waiting for results
I’m gonna try that
Do you have to open them every so many days to let fresh air in
@clairsheart I don’t open the bags with new cuttings. It’s self contained so the don’t need “fresh” air. I do open those with established plants that aren’t in new fresh soil. The older soil or grunge that may have accumulated over time I feel like it does better getting fresh air. Do keep an eye on either though. Check for any signs of sickly leaves. Take them off and then seal up again. I’ve also cleaned out the bag or given it a new bag just to stay cleaner. You don’t want molding to start. 👍. One last thing is for established plants that I’ve chopped back and put a baggie over it, I’ve included a sticky trap 🪤 just in case any gnats we’re developing in the soil! 😝
Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice. Fingers crossing😄
Marian I followed your directions and propped them just as you directed. I’m so excited I now have about eight baggies with Propagation starts in them
I’m not a very patient Lady L O L