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Was able to get this over from Hawaii.... This is gonna b...

#Begonia #BegoniaMaculata #PolkaDotBegonia
Change to a smaller pot, this is excessively big for it.
She'll thank you for it.
I love this plant. Mine is growing so fast right now. Hope you have good luck!!
So much fresh growth lately. Going to have to support her soon.
@IvyLeague, I agree with @Motanix it needs a smaller cover pot. Anytime my leaves are pressed against something they show signs of damage. Also, my local nursery recommended a bottom watering pot which has done well for mine. I noticed the tips crisp up if I accidentally let it dry out. I have since made sure to keep an eye on it and the leaves are healthy and without crisping. Best wishes! This is my favorite in my collection.