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Crunchy Caladium
The second of my two ICU patients is the world’s most unhappy caladium. I bought six from the same person recently, and all the rest are doing great! Two even have new growth! But this one got environmental shock upon moving and she’s angry. Obviously, her existing leaves are dead, but her corm is firm and she’s sprouting new roots in there. Is there anything I can do to help a girl out??
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2” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
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I'd also go ahead and cut the stems so it isn't feeding resources to parts that aren't going to recover.

Cut her back and start over like she's a corm prop and I think you'll have better results
i would say lots of indirect light and humidity! these guys don’t like to be dry imo
Agree with both @annapop & @tmbryant37 😁
@kscape @annapop @tmbryant37 This is good to know, thank you. I didn’t know if keeping leaves was doing any good, but I suspected not at this point. I’m giving her the same care as my other caladiums and they’re thriving! For some reason, this one’s just not having it yet.
@kscape @annapop @tmbryant37 SHE LIVES!!! New growth this morning!!! 🙌🏽🌱
That's awesome! I'm so happy she's headed in the right direction
@tmbryant37 Thanks for your help!
OMG YES look at her go!!!
@annapop So proud!!!

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