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Anyone have an ID on this?

Hey plant fam! I picked up this Aglaonema at Walmart. It was the last one and was in a pot labeled as a Peace Lilly. It had a Costa Farms tag on it, so I reached out to them to get an ID since the multicolor variegation was throwing me off. They replied that it is a Dieffenbachia Sparkles, but this plant has no nodes and different coloring, so I’m positive it’s an Aglaonema. Anyone know the variety? The stems are white and green, and it has mint and gray flecks and darker green stripes. It looks like it might be a Silver Bay or MAYBE a Maria, but the coloring with the gray and green flecking is throwing me off. Any ideas? #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PropagationStation #PlantID #Aglaonema #WhatPlantIsThis #FreshLeafFriday #variegatedplants
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I’d say it’s a silver bay. I’ve seen ones exactly like this in pots labeled silver bay at my shops, so unless costa farms is notorious for mislabeling, this is my best bet.
Looks like Chinese Evergreen but not sure because pictures are flat.