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Should I chop this so it will branch out? Is that even how it works? lol #FLF
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1ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
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It is! There are a few ways!

1. Chop and prop. It should send out a few branches on the nodes closest to where you chopped.
2. Air layer, basically it'll give you roots before you chop and prop.
3. Not the most successful, but score/cut the plant right above some leaf scars/nodes. You do this in like 5-6 places, you might get two branches.

It really all depends on how many plants you'd like and what makes you the most comfortable!
@PlantMompy thanks so much!
@PlantMompy where should I cut it?
Ok, I tried to show leaf lines/scars here.

Mine is easy because it's been through a lot so I have a lot of stem πŸ™ˆ

But you can see where I cut on one, where a branch is appearing on another, and where the branch is on the third. Basically you want to cut just above because the plant will send all it's energy to that area, and new branches form at the top of where a leaf meets the stem.
@PlantMompy so you just cut a small line and do not cut it completely off?? I’m curious as well… my FLF is growing like crazy and I want her to stay healthy. πŸ’š

You can do either! I have done both with success, and while I haven't air layered my FLF I have done it successfully with other ficus'.

It all depends on how many plants you want and how you want it to look.

It will branch where you cut. If you completely cut the plant off, you will get branches, 100% right where you cut. But, then you have to root the piece you cut (that's why some people air layer). Then you would have one plant branching and one plant rooting.

If you don't want a second plant, you cut small lines. Then you can tell your plant where you want it to branch and still only have one plant. Downside is it's not guaranteed to give you branches if you do.

For the plant pictured I have cut the top off a few times. I decided to do small cuts this time because it branches at the top and I want it to branch at the bottom. Also, I didn't want a second plant. I'll probably chop or air layer it next year.

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