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Mine is extremely dry and brittle . Will is come back ? S...

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@BelovedSandrose If your Sargent juniper is extremely dry and brittle, it might be a sign of stress or dehydration. Before making any drastic decisions, try these steps:

1. **Rehydrate**: Water the juniper thoroughly and ensure the soil is well-draining. Be careful not to overwater, as junipers prefer slightly drier conditions.

2. **Mist and humidity**: Mist the foliage regularly to increase humidity around the plant. Dry indoor air can contribute to brittleness.

3. **Prune Dead Parts**: Carefully trim away the dead and brittle parts of the juniper using sanitized pruning shears. Make clean cuts just above healthy growth.

4. **Sunlight**: Place the juniper in bright, indirect light. Junipers thrive with plenty of sunlight but can get stressed if exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods.

5. **Fertilize**: Consider providing a balanced, diluted fertilizer to give the plant a boost. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer label.

6. **Patience**: After taking these steps, give your juniper some time to recover. New growth should start appearing within a few weeks to months.

If the juniper doesn't show signs of improvement after a reasonable period, or if the damage is extensive, you might need to consider more drastic measures, like cutting it down. However, it's generally best to exhaust all revival options before resorting to removal. Remember, plants can surprise you with their resilience, so give it some care and patience before making any final decisions.