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Moldy soil!
So, my sunflower plant has been doing really well as of late. Recently I noticed it was looking quite droopy and decided to give it some fertilizer (diluted in water), however very soon after the soil on top became fuzzy with white mold. I applied neem oil, but after a few days the mold has grown back. Should I take it out of the pot and check for more mold or leave it be and keep applying neem oil until it goes away? I don't want to stress it cuz it was repotted recently.

The mold isn't very visible in the picture, lol.
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5” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
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Mold is nothing to fret about! It won't harm the plant.

If you want to knock it out you can pour hydrogen peroxide on the moldy spots. It won't harm the plant and it'll knock the mold out!
I'm no expert so hopefully someone can let us know if I'm correct.

From my understanding mold is a sign of to much moisture. How much are you watering?
@Galaxycrusher this plant is relatively new, but my general rule is watering when the soil gets dry. Since I repotted it was the first time I kept track cuz I had to save this plant from a relative who was gonna kill it, lol. After noticing the mold I haven't watered it, except a little after I applied neem oil in hopes it would soak into the soil.
That's weird, maybe it's the soil? Sorry, I wish I knew more to give a definitive answer
@Galaxycrusher that's OK, thank you for helping though!

Yeah I think it was a mistake to fertilize because the plant was likely adjusting to the new pot (also I maaaay have cause some root damage while repotting... but its fine πŸ˜…) and that's why it was wilty, but hey, I learned something.
@RJG ohhh tysm!
I was so scared it was going to hurt the root system!
@RootedSnowdrop Nope! It might be a sign of slight overwatering but if you're letting the soil dry out between you should be fine!
mold can be caused from not enough air circulation either! so even if you are watering properly, just that little bit of moisture will cause the mold to grow, but like drew said you can treat with hydrogen peroxide, you can also sprinkle cinnamon on top because it’s a natural anti fungicide.

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