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My Aloe plant, Achillies, is drooping and leaves shedding!!??
So I was casually sitting at my Dining table and I hear a faint thud, thats when I noticed one of his leaves just ploop fell off. I think i may have watered a bit too much one week. As far as the drooping I put him in a cast with burlap twine and a few skewers for stability for a week or so and no change. We are down to three leaves and I dont want to give up on him. HELP!! I’ll insert photos once im home. #aloeplant #survivor #aloe #succulent
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@LunarAUnyx_ Here's what to do when an aloe vera plant is limp or droopy:
Give the plant a larger container.
Avoid temperature extremes.
Provide at least six hours of direct sun daily.
Check for and treat fungal and bacterial diseases.
Remove plant pests.
Stop moving your plant so often.

I have one that sheds too, but it’s not overwatered. I think aloes and I don’t get along. I have 3 of them.
You might have overwatered it, maybe take it out of the pot and let the soil and roots dry up for awhile
did you just move it? it could be stress

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