Posted 1M ago by @MockingJay

Leaf disease tomato?

Hello, any tomato experts?
I am about to plant out my tomatoes, but noticed my "Gardners Delight" plants has some curling leaves with bumps. I am comvinced it is some kind of disease, but how urgent? It hasn't spread to my "Sungold" or "Tiny Tim", but will it? They have been standing closeπŸ˜”
I don't know wich hashtags to use to react the correct people in this matterπŸ˜…
#tomatoplant #helpneeded #happyplants #sickplants #newgrowth
These are left on the plant, and I see these "bumps" that are a tiny bit yellow on the top.
@MockingJay Hello It’s smart of you to plant them today . It certainly does look like you have a pest or had seeing it hasn’t spread . If it continues after a few days out side , I’d recommend lightly dusting with diatomaceous earth . This will choke out any remaining pests . It’s food grade and won’t hurt your plant if you dust lightly .
@ILoveMyPlants you really think it is a pest and not a disease? I haven't seen any bugs, and it is odd it is just on the "Gardners Delight" and not any other tomato plant. I actually hope it is pest, it is easier to handle than disease.πŸͺ³πŸ¦ 
I just realized it might be edema?