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Has anyone else been having trouble with the Greg Watering schedules ?
I noticed today that not all my watering are being recorded correctly. I used to pull up each plant and choose water. Now I am sliding on the list of plants to water. It seemed to have started when I started doing that. It is stating plants have not been watered in 9 days when it was just on the 16th that I watered and treated for gnats. #gregfeedback #greggang #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #jodisplace @RJG @jcPlantProper
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@RJG is aware of it. For me Greg says I haven’t watered for 8 days when actually it’s been only two.
@Stall54Jo I have also noticed this glitch… I thought I was just getting some timers disease …🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yea. I’ve been checking my soil when Greg says I should water. Sometime it works out, but I still check the soil. Sometimes is doesn’t. Close enough I guess.
Glad to know I'm not imagining things. Thanks for letting me know @FirstCanna @TruthfulApricot @FormidableCacto it is appreciated.
Mine says I have no plants to water today. I don't think that's right.🤪
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