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#DarkvsClear 🧪🪴💚

Hi everyone! 🤗 So here’s the first update to my new #ScienceWithGreg experiment! In case you missed it, I’m trying to see if roots on water propagation cuttings will grow faster in dark/solid containers or clear/light containers.

Cutting #1: #MarbleQueenPothos in solid ceramic vase. I’m seeing some growth! Looks like an aerial root on every node (all nodes are inside the vase, but not all are in water) but no real roots yet.

Cutting #2: #MarbleQueenPothos in clear green vase. Growth here too! The aerial roots don’t look as developed as the other cutting, but definitely still progress, and no real roots here either.

BONUS: So, I thought that this was a #GoldenPothos, but it turns out it’s actually a #JadePothos! And it’s propagating in a clear pink vase. I’m seeing a nice sized aerial root up top (not submerged in water) and the tiiiiiiniest baby root at the bottom.

I’m excited to see how this all turns out! What are you betting on to win the #RootRace? 🏁🌿💚🧪
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0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
And here’s a photo of my mini #PropagationStation 🤗
Super cute Propagation station! 💚 I started covering my prop containers but I never thought to do an experiment! I’m definitely invested in this.
@LatiTish84 what do you mean by covering the prop containers? Can I see a picture?
So cute!! This is a great experiment. Thanks for sharing! 🥰🤩
I don’t have any good pictures but I basically covered them with a plastic bag to filter the light that comes thru. I used a lot of clear glass containers. But you can see in this pic I have the vase in a bag. Sorry I can’t show a better pic, I’m in the middle of moving and all my babies have been shipped to the new place. @saatwood
@saatwood I am about to start #darkvsclear experiment.

I forced my son to drink a ton of limeade so I could have 2 matching glass jars!!! And today I painted one!!

Now to choose my victim/ subject bahahahaha
@angelw1975 ooooh, that’s a cool idea! 😍 I always think picking which plants to get the cuttings from is the best/worst part 😂

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